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USB Drive...Future of Computing?


Do you remember 5.25 and 3.5 floppies. I think that we all can remember them. Now we have USB drives that are continually growing in memory size and shrinking in physical size. Now it looks like we are able to put more than just file on these.

"Laptop computers are shedding weight but they still weigh a few pounds and carrying them around on the shoulders is often very inconvenient.
Do you really need that notebook wherever you go? Not always.
For instance, you are traveling for a business conference or an Internet cafĂ© or a friend’s place that will definitely have spare computers but you need to carry the laptop just because it contains all your software programs, application settings and personal data (like docs, photos, music, videos, etc)." (Source)
It's interesting to see where have been to where we are now. I will be interested in seeing where this technology lead us.

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Keeds said...
February 27, 2008 at 6:14 PM  

Not a specific comment on this post, but on your blog in general ... you've made a good start, Michael. Sometimes I hear you talking about an idea or a site to visit and I don't catch the URL or what it is that you're talking about. Your blog seems to promise me a place to look for some of that. Keep writing.

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