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Happy New Year!


Well the baby is sleeping and all is quite in the house. Just a quick entry to say Happy New Year! I hope there are many more to come!

Springfield and Back in One Day


Here are some picture from a blackberry from my trip down to Ohio. We made the trip down and back the same day which made for a long day of driving.

Bambi Gone Bad!

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Well this sequel looks pretty interesting.

Mii and Bowling with my Grandmother

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So today I spent the evening playing the Wii with my grandmother who is 78 years old. I was told that she loves to play bowling, so I brought my Wii over so that we could play a few games. Little did I know she is a pro at this. After the first two strikes I knew I was in for a lesson. The first game went by with her bowling a 157 and myself doing terrible with a 139. Now up to this point my mother and grandmother both told me that she had only played the Wii 4 or 5 times, but I think they have a racket going; needless to say I had to come out in the second game strong. I did so respectfully with a strike, only to have her answer with her own. She continued to keep up with me the second game until I ecked a small lead and ended with a 158 and her a 137. Sadly I was unable to play a tie breaker as my baby was fussing and needed to go home (...good timing). So tomorrow will be the decider of who is the bowling champ. The funny thing was when I was walking out the door, she told me that "don't worry I'll beat you tomorrow." So I have to say it is on grandma! Also to my aunt...how much time have you really given her on the Wii? I have to say that she is either really lucky or just darn good. Till tomorrow!

Merry Christmas


Just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Walmart Sucks....again?

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Well this is interesting, Barry Goldberg said a nice gesture went unappreciated at the Wal-Mart Supercenter at Lisbon Landing over the weekend.He said he purchased $1,300 worth of $10 gift cards to Wal-Mart with the intention of dressing as Santa Claus and giving them out in front of the store. He said it wasn’t a gimmick it or stunt. He said he was just moved to do something nice to make the holiday brighter.

“The next thing I knew, they turned to me and said, ‘You have to leave the store. You can’t do this here. You’re soliciting,’” Goldberg said. “I said, ‘I’m not soliciting anything. I’m giving.’” The out-of-work mortgage lending executive said he still has 44 gift cards left from his weekend adventure.

“They asked me, ‘Well, where did you get these cards?’” he said. “’I bought them from your store 20 minutes ago.’ ‘Well, what are you doing?’ (they asked). I said, “I’m giving out gift cards. It’s the holidays. The right thing to do is to give, isn’t it?’”In a statement to Eyewitness News, Wal-Mart states,” While we appreciate the customer’s patronage, we understand that he was interrupting the flow of foot traffic in the store’s vestibule.”Goldberg said he was contacted by Target and was told he could bring the cards to a Target store and swap them out and pass them out there. [Source]

Walmart needs to really learn about giving. This is sad, at least the target said he could stand out in front of their store. You would think that Walmart would want the extra money, but I guess not.


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Here's one for ya, this guy tries to karate chop 100 coconuts. Let see what happens.


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Okay here is one of those classic WTF moments. Apparently a couple has named their child Adolf Hitler.

A US bakery has refused to decorate a three-year-old's birthday cake with his name - Adolf Hitler Campbell. The trouble, the New Jersey shop said, was that it was "inappropriate" to put such a name on the cake. But the little boy's father, Heath Campbell, said it was unfair of ShopRite supermarket to turn down his request. Heath Campbell said he named his son after Adolf Hitler because he liked the name and because "no one else in the world would have that name". [Source]

The New Jersey couple Heath and Deborah Campbell, 35, also have a daughter named JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell. Mr Campbell, who has swastikas decorating the family home and believes he is related to a former member of the SS, agrees that the Nazi’s were not a highly charitable bunch: “Yeah, they (Nazis) were bad people back then. But my kids are little. They’re not going to grow up like that.” [Source]

I fell sorry for this kid, you know he is going to have issues growing up. I mean look at his parents. You would think parents would put more thought into what they named their child, but when you have a few screws loose it should be expected. Now granted, the Parents have given their son a unique name that nobody else has, yet there is a reason why nobody has used it. Sometimes it make me wonder what goes through a persons mind. The funny thing is in the end the family took their cake order to Wal-Mart who made the cake for them.

Beautiful Photos From The Great Lakes State


Sometimes I have to think that Michigan can be the most photogenic state in the Union. Take a look at these amazing photos from around Michigan.

Apple Leaving Macworld!

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Well this is interesting, it looks like 2009 Macworld will be Apple's last Macworld. Apple announced Tuesday that Macworld 2009 will be the last Macworld show the corporation will attend. Also in a press release, Steve Jobs will not be attending this years Macworld, which raises questions about Steve's health. Instead Apple said Philip Schiller, Apple senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, will take the CEO's place.

Apple has stated that it is pulling out of Macworld as its retail stores grow rapidly: The corporation has expanded from just two stores in 2001 to 240 retail locations worldwide to date. Before the proliferation of Apple stores, Macworld Expo was Apple's major outlet to make contact with the public and give exposure to its products. Since the Apple brand has become so popular, the company has been scaling back on trade shows, which is why Apple plans its final appearance at Macworld for 2009. Though Apple is backing out, host IDG World Expo said Macworld already still plans to return for another show in January 2010. [Source]

Wow, this is surprising! I find it interesting that Jobs will not be showing up to this macworld. From the rumors that I have read, it looks like they will be updating the Mac Mini line, which is far over due. The last time the Mini was updated was back in August of 2007. So what is the world coming to, Macworld with Apple and Jobs...? Should make for an interesting convention.

Apple's Christmas Ads

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I always love when Apple has new ads, especially the Christmas ones. Enjoy!

The Virgin Mary and Playboy?

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There are somethings that companies should just never attempt. This is one such attempt, the Mexican December Issue of Playboy put on over their models as the Virgin Mary. The cover was released with model Maria Florencia Onori posing as the virgin. Its headline reads in Spanish: "We adore you, Mary." Now some times it makes me wonder why or who thought this would be a good idea. Needless to say the Catholics are up in arms about this.
Playboy Enterprises Inc., based in Chicago, released a statement Friday explaining that the company did not approve the cover because the Mexican version of the magazine is published by a licensee, according to Reuters. "While Playboy Mexico never meant for the cover or images to offend anyone, we recognize that it has created offense, and we as well as Playboy Mexico offer our sincerest apologies," the company said. [Source]
I'm not sure what to think, the photos were well done, but when does "artistic" value infringe on tradition. I guess it will be interesting to see where this goes. Below is another photo from the magazine, this one doesn't show anything, but it may be NSFW, so be careful.

Terminator: Salvation

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Below you will find the new trailer for Terminator: Salvation. This movie looks great, I can't wait till this comes out. I hope they don't screw this movie up, but we will see what happens. So enjoy the clip below.

Got My Back!

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I think that this was by far one of the funnest clips from How I met Your Mother. You gotta love Barney.

Adventures in Fatherhood.


Nothing like having to take your daughter to the doctors to get her vacations done. It has been one of the most heart wrenching things that I have had to do so far. The look on her face when the stuck her with the needle was so sad. Its a good thing she has a short memory. Though I think it is worse on mommy and daddy than it is on her.

When Being A Dad is No Fun!


I feel bad for this dad, nothing like getting a text message from your daughter letting you know she lost her virginity. My thoughts go out to you!

Advertising is Fun!

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So I came across Nikon's new advertising campaign for their new Coolpix S60. From what I have seen this is a really cool point and shoot camera. This camera has facial recognition, up to twelve faces; which is pretty cool. Look below at the photo that Nikon is using to show you it's ability to recognize faces. All I can say is advertising is fun!

Super Mario 2 Music...

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I do know what it is, but for some reason I love video game music. Maybe its because I grew up with it. Any ways, I have to admit this guy did an excellent job with the Super Mario Brothers theme. So...enjoy!

To Much Time, or Mad Skills


This guy either has to much time on his hands or it just awesome. I think its a little bit of both.