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The Clock is Ticking

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A Sad Goodbye!


Randy Pausch, the charismatic young college professor who chronicled his battle with pancreatic cancer in a remarkable speech widely-known as the "Last Lecture," has died at the age of 47. [Source]

Apparently Pausch passed away last week; truly a sad day for everyone. Randy...you will be missed. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

Random Thoughts


Well it finally here, myself in technicolor...

One Hot Lawyer...

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Now I usually don't post pictures like this, but I felt like this was interesting. Jacquelyn Soprano who is in her thirties and is a lawyer who in her spare time has decided to start modeling. Now I have to say that she is very beautiful. Now I have always been told not to judge a book by its cover, but I would have never guessed that this women is a lawyer. So more power to her, she got the brains and the looks.

Paulette Goddard...Classic Beauty


Paulette stared opposite Charlie Chaplin in "The Great Dictator." She was also married to him. All I can say is wow, you don't see this kind of beauty much anymore.

The Great Dictator


A while back I posted a link to a you tube video of Charlie Chaplin talking. (Well at least I thought I did, appearantly I didn't so I posted it below. It's an excellent speech.) It was from a movie called The Great Dictator. This movie written and directed by Chaplin himself was satire on Nazi Germany, dictator Adenoid Hynkel has a double... a poor Jewish barber... who one day is mistaken for Hynkel. The movie was great, I found it to be very funny at times and the same time it had some emotional substance to it. Apparently it was pretty controversial when the movie came out since Germany and the U.S.A. were at peace. Though looking back on the movie Chaplin did a great job bringing notice to what Nazi Germany was doing. I would recommend this movie to anybody who like older movies.

Working with the Camera


So as I mentioned earlier we are having a photo contest at my work and right after we announced the contest one of my co-worker who is an excellent photographer brought in a picture that he on the fly took. We all were thinking it was his way of throwing the knife into the ring. So since then I have been trying mimic his pictures to see if I can get the same effect. I haven't been able to yet, but I have taken some really great pictures. I will say this, I do miss the macro ability on my point and shoot camera. I hopefully will be able to add a macro lens to my camera soon...well probably not soon since they are so expensive, but I hope to have one soon or later. But I did lean that I can get closer pictures with my 18-55mm lens rather than the 55-200mm lens. Below I have put a few of the pictures that I have taken this weekend. I hope to do another photo walk soon. I would like to start getting more urban photography soon.


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So the wife and I went to a lugnuts game this weekend. I am starting to think that every time I go...the lose. The game started out great, but in the end they lost 5-4 to the Clinton Lumber Kings. What is a lumber king anyway. But I was able get my soon to be 4 year-old nephew a ball signed by Big Lug. He is just nuts about him. So I am looking forward to giving that to him, though I'm not sure he will really understand what it is just yet.

Just Photos


Just some photos that I took last night. We are doing a photo contest at work and I am trying to figure out what photos I would like to use...that or I will take some new ones. I guess we will see.

Wicked is Wickedly Awesome!

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...not even sure how to start this, I am left speechless from this play. They did such a great job. This play was absolutely wonderful with its twists and turns and suspense and comedy. This play had such great substance to it the music was great and catchy. Here is the song Defy Gravity

The nice thing was I was in the second row from the stage. I was able to see all the facial expressions the hand movements, it made for a very enjoyable experience. I would tell anybody who has a chance to see this play!


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Okay, so I'm not really what to even say about this. I read this about 3 days ago and I am still floored by this.

"A MAN stabbed a teenager to death before cutting off his head and using it as a puppet and a bowling ball, a court has been told. [Source]

Home-ownership...is not fun!


Well I haven't had time to post the past couple of days. When I woke up Monday I decided to take a shower and found that I had not hot water. I went and took a look at my water heater and found that the burner light was out and that there was water underneath the tank. So my father-in-law came out and took a look at it and re-lit the pilot light and said it should be fine. So I woke up Tuesday and went to take another shower and found that the water was cold again...So we call my father-in-law again and he told us that it looks like we need to replace it. So that's what I did yesterday, installed a water heater. Luckily my father-in-law was there to help me. But we got everything hooked and its not working. I never realized that I could have hotter water than what we had before...it so nice! Other then that I have a few things I will try to post a few things today. Especially since I saw Wicked last night.

Just a Few Things

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So just a few things before I go to bed. I couple of days ago I posted something about the new Terminator Movie that is coming out with Christian Bale as John Connor. Well it looks like that have a few production photos that they have posted online. Take a look at this one.
This movie looks like it going to be good. With Bale, I'm sure that it will be good. Although I have heard that this movie will not be focusing on John Connor as much, so it should be interesting to see where they take this one. As long as its better then the third one, don't get me wrong I like the third one, it just wasn't as good as one and two.

Now on to other things, I was snooping around the internet and found a trailer for the new season of NBC Heroes. With the writers strike last season Heroes was cut short and they left it that way, but it looks like they will be coming back strong with the new season. I am looking forward to seeing the new episode. Rumors are that the first show back will be 3 hours long, now I'm not sure how and if they will do that, but it would be interesting. Any ways, check the trailer for it below and let me know what you think.

Also one last thing, if you haven't had a chance to check out Dr. Horrible you might want to do it before tomorrow, as they will be pulling down the free episodes and starting to charge for it. I have to say it is well worth going and taking a look. All the actors do a great job especially NPH. The only complaint that I have is that it leaves you hanging a bit at the end. Though I have heard that there will be a sequel. None the less you should check it out.


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SO MUCH HAPPENED BEFORE DOROTHY DROPPED IN. Long before that girl from Kansas arrives in Munchkinland, two girls meet in the land of Oz. One - born with emerald-green skin - is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. How these two unlikely friends end up as the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch makes for the most spellbinding new musical in years.
So we were able to score some tickets to this play at the Wharton Center at MSU. We were quite lucky, I was looking on Ebay and I stumble across an auction for these ticket. They were priced at $182.00. So I asked the wife about them and she said that she wanted to go so we looked on Wharton website to see if they had better priced tickets. Well long story short were wern't able to find any good seats so were we back to Ebay and bought these tickets. Now the great thing about these tickets are they are in row BB which is the second row from the stage! I am looking forward to seeing this play. I have heard great things about this play and both the wife and I are excited about it. I will defanitly have to post something once I see it.

Why So Serious...!


...The Dark Knight...all I can say is WOW. This movie was awesome, it was one hit after another. This movie kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. Heath Ledger as the joker was amazing. This joker was a psychopathic killer who terrorizes the city. This movie has elevated all comic book movies to a new level. This movie isn't just a comic book movie it's a crime drama. Christopher Nolan did an excellent job directing this movie. I will say that this is nothing like the first movie. It seems like in the first movie Batman always seems to be on top and that he prevails over evil, but in this movie it seems like he keeps getting kicked while he is down. I am looking forward to seeing how the take the next movie, and I hope that Nolan and Bale come back for the next, and I hope that they start making one soon. So to whoever hasn't seen this movie, GO SEE IT. This movie is awesome and is worth the money. Plus I would suggest seeing it in IMAX.

Teachers are at it again!

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Well it looks like teachers and sexual misconduct doesn't just happen in Florida. This one hits close to home. Carrie Alice Denbow [pictured left] a 32-year-old staff member at Lansing's Hill Center is accused of having sex with a male student. The student in question was 13-15 years old at the time of the incident. Denbow who is a student assistance provider helps students with anything from problems in the classroom to problems at home. The felony charges involve allegations of sexual intercourse and oral sex. The misdemeanor assault charge stems from a reported December 2007 assault and battery. [Source]

Wow...you sometimes think that your community is immune to stuff like this, but it does happen. If she is guilty makes me wonder who the community will react...even if she isn't they are still going to react to this. Well I will be interested in see how this will play out.

Terminator: Salvation

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Wow...looks like the released the teaser trailer from the new Terminator Movie. Take a look below.

This looks pretty good from the trailer, I'll be excited to see how they take this story.

Chile is no Fun...

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Chile is no fun, when a young women; who happens to be a stripper, wanted to protest how prudish her government is, she decided to take her protest to the subway system. But she didn't protest with sings, chants, or yelling. She decided to protest using her body. The women decided that she would strip down and do a poll dance on the subway cars. She was so popular with the crowd that they called her the "subway goddess." After evading the cops for a couple of weeks she was finally caught. Now if only all subways were this fun.

NPH is....Awesome

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I totally forgot that NPH was doing this, its freakin' hilarious. It's called Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long blog. When I watched this I was laughing my butt off. Take a look at the trailer below, and if you want to watch act one its here.

Let me know what you think after you watch this. I have to say I think this is going to become quite popular. Kind of makes me want to go watch Harold and Kumar...or maybe some old Doogie Houser. LA Times Writer David Sarno wrote a pretty good blog about it here. Apparently it has so much hype that the server crashed because to many people were trying to watch it. You can also buy it from iTunes for what looks like 1.99. Not sure if I would pay 1.99 for it, maybe .99 but you never know.

My Cat

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I swear that this guy must have had my cat at some point in time, because this is how she acts.

This morning at about 5:00 she decided that she had enough of the bedroom and wanted to get out. From laying on my face to meowing very loudly she got her point across. The funny thing is she does not care for my wife that much [we bought the cat for her]. So my the cat and her are always having it out which I would have to say the score would be like 5-3 in the cats favor.

Google Maps...is Useful

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Now You can not only find your way, you can see the future.

Saturday's Baseball Game

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Nothing like a Saturday full of BBQ and a Baseball game. It was a great day I made BBQ chicken and then we went to a Lugnuts game. Though sadly the Lugnuts lost big time. 10-4 to the Burlington Bee. The whole day it was suppose to rain, but we were lucky and the rain stayed away. The only thing that sucked was my 10 year old brother-in-law was tossed a baseball from one of the players and some old dude snatched it out of the air before we could get it. All it could think was this dude is a D-Bag for take a baseball from a 10 year old...oh well. Here are a few pictures from that night.


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What would the world be like if we all had subtitles?

NPH Fights Body Odor

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Nothing like NPH

What Not To Do At An ATM

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Opps....I wonder how they explained this one to the cops?

Rita Hayworth...Classic Beauty, Take Two


What can I say...

Beautiful Pictures


Just some amazing photos from China.

Nothing to Report


Wow, really nothing to report....I have had nothing going on, except I ended up spending most of my evening last night running errands. S goes back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to that, but at least we are going to another Lugnuts game on Saturday. I just hope that the weather holds up, but we will see. Any who...I'm going to try to get more photos this weekend. So we will see.

Hellboy is Funny

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Hellboy 2 is coming out and they are flooding the television with great t.v. spots. These are pretty funny, and I really think that I might go see this movie now. Take a look.

And my favorite since it has my favorite T.V. show chuck.

Stars and Strips Muppet Style

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I know that this is a bit late, but I had to post this with the 4 of July weekend passing. Nothing like the Muppets to make you feel more patriotic.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

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Nothing like going to the ball park and eating a hot dog while watching the home team. Sadly the home team ended up losing, but it was still a fun game to watch. The first couple of innings were very exciting, especially the bottom of the first. Eiland (pictured below) from the Lugnuts got up to bat and hit a home run, but I hate to say it was down hill from there. Sadly the Lugnuts lost to the Great Lake Loons 6-3. It was still a great game. Plus we got to see fireworks after the game which LAFCU always has a great firework show. I'm looking forward to going back, I think I'm going to try the clubhouse next time. I've put a few pictures from the game here. Let me know what you think.

Lugnuts taking the field!

Eiland Hitting a Home run.

Big Lug doing his dance!

Crazy Weather...

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Wow, it was crazy last night, with all the down pouring and the hail. I was at the car dealership and it was like the sky just opened up. These are a few pictures that I took, sorry about the blurriness of the photos I just grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.

How Time Flies...!

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Wow, been a while since I have put anything up on here. Sorry that I missed the past week. Work and home have been really busy. At home we decided on Saturday to put in a new floor in our dinning room, which was not to much work but has taken a couple of days since we grouted to floor. S and I did get a chance to go to the movies on Saturday before she went to work. We got a chance to see Wall-E which was a great movie. I'll put a small review up later. So other then working on the floor this past weekend and seeing a movie I was able to get out with a friend and take some pictures. I'll put a few up here for you to see, but you can see the rest at Flickr.