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Go Bucks!

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All I can say is...I Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan.
Interestingly enough, I live in Michigan, I guess I am a buckeye through and through.
Go Bucks!

Snow Is Here


Can't believe it, the snow is back, its nice to see it, but I know give it by the end of Christmas and we will be tired of it. So until then enjoy the Snow!

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


So Friday started out just like any other day with me getting up and checking up on the baby. The only problem was I got out of the house late this day. So I am rushing to work trying to mind the speed limits while watching out for cops. So when I am about 2 miles from work I hit a straight away with a passing zone. The car in front of me a older Ford truck which is blue and silver was going 25 mph, the speed limit is 35. So I decided to pass him, while I was passing him, he decides to try to speed up, but by that time I had already passed him and was on my way. Now for some reason this made him mad. He tried to speed up and tailgate me but decided against it and slow back down to his original 25 mph. So thinking nothing of it I continue on to work only to see that what looked like him following me. I didn't have time to make sure so I got my car parked and rushed into the office. Once in the office I was regaling my co-worker of the story of this guy when we both looked out the window and saw him passing in the parking lot.
So to that guy who followed me to work...do you not have a life, or are you some crazy idiot that has all the time in the world to follow people? All I can say is, your an idiot...don't stalk me...! So this is how my day started. Work didn't go much better since I was taking a half day, the time just crept by.
Now I was suppose to travel out of state to visit family, but with our baby not feeling well we decided to postpone the trip. Instead we decided to go to the Apple Store in Novi to get my Macbook for my graduate program that I am starting in January. The trip down to Novi was miserable since the weather was so bleak. The roads were wet and it was raining just enough to put a mist on the highway so that you could not see that well. But everything went fine and we got to Novi okay.
I decided since it was raining to let my wife and the baby out of the car up by the store front so they wouldn't have to walk through the rain, once they got out I went searching for a parking spot. As I was searching I came up on someone who looked like they were waiting for a parking spot, so I pulled up behind them to wait for them to park. No sooner had I gotten behind this person, that they then decided to throw their car into reverse slamming onto the gas, only to hit my car!
So to the woman who hit my car...thank you for hitting my car! Thank you for not paying attention to what you are doing and ramming my car with your stupid Lexus. My poor Chevy cried today because of your blatant disregard to anybody other than yourself.
Thank the Dear Lord above that my wife and the baby were not in the car. So I got out and checked the car it was fine no marks, bumps, dents, scratches, nothing. After that I quickly found a parking spot ran into the mall got my computer and hurried home so that I would not have any other chance of running into Murphy's law. At least the macbook made my day better.

I finally Got It!

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Scarlett Johansson as Silken Floss


Silken Floss is a fictional character from the comic book The Spirit, by writer-artist Will Eisner. She first appeared in The Spirit in March 1947. Eisner's version of Silken Floss was as a nuclear physicist and a brilliant surgeon. [Source]
For those of you who don't know, Frank Miller is directing Will Eisner's "The Spirit. Now I have to admit that Miller did a great job directing the 300, and Sin City, so I am somewhat looking forward to this movie, yet since I have seen some photo of Scarlett Johansson as Silken Floss in Wizzard magazine, all I have to say it wow. I definitely want to see this movie now! Below is the Movie poster with her in it.

How Bad the Economy is...

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The guys over at College Humor know how bad the economy is...

New Camera!

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So I got a couple of new cameras about two weeks ago and I finally got a chance to have the pictures developed, yes I know, I said developed. These "new" cameras are actually some pretty old camera one is a Kodak Vigilant Junior that was in WW2 and the other is a Kodak Duaflex 2. I would have to say the Vigilant is my favorite because of the looks and feel of it, though the pictures I took with it were not as good as the Duaflex. But it was a great experience taking pictures with film. This day in age we have gotten use to digital, with it's instant gratification of seeing the photo right after it is taken. With film you have to think about your shot and really have to think of composition. Below are a few of the photos that I took with these cameras.
The photo above was taken with the Duaflex 2 and the shot came out pretty nice.
This shot was taken with the Vigilant, and as you can see there is a little blurring on the out side edges. It was a fun experence to shoot with these old cameras and only solidified my wanting to shoot more with these. The only downside would be the fact that they take film, and film needs to be developed, and with that it takes money. Plus the fact that I don't have a way to digitize the negatives so I have to rely on the prints. But with all that to the side it was still a lot of fun to shoot with these. You wouldn't believe the looks that you get when you are using an old folder syle camea. So in this day and age of digital everything, its nice to; every once and a while, to just step back in time and use these cameras.

Not Using ATT will get you killed!

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I know, another clip...can't I just post something worth while here. I promise I will!

John Williams A Tribute

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So I have to say this guy is really talented. Plus the song is really catchy. Enjoy.

The New Ghostbusters

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At last weeks game, the Jacksonville Jaguar Cheerleaders dressed up as the Ghostbusters. I have to say I prefer these Ghostbusters to the original ones.

Through The Viewfinder


This was my attempt at making a ttv photo, though it is fake, i had to use photoshop to layer a picture that I took with a picture of a viewfinder. This is the end product. if you want to learn more about TTV you can go over to Russ Morris' website where he give tutorials on how to take the pictures like this.

Amazing HDR Photos


Some amazing HDR Photos

It's Up to You!

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Well tomorrow is the day, it's time to go back to the polls and decide who will lead this country. So just a quick reminder, remember to vote tomorrow, as the title of Gil Elvgren pin-up, "It's Up To You!" Just remember everybody has a voice, just remember to use it!

Technology and Surpassing Uncanny Valley


Wow, sometimes I think we are going to far with technology. Take a look at the clip below.

Now that you have seen this, what do you think of this? It awesome and scary at the same time that a computer was able to pull this off.

Go Spartans!

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So I had a chance to go the the MSU - Wisconsin game today, and I have to say it was a great game. I came down to the last play of the game to decide the winner. It was great to see Swenson kicking a 44-yard field goal with 7 seconds left in the game which made it 25 to 24. The game was a little slow at first and Wisconsin dominated the whole game, but MSU was able to squeak by by just a one point win over them. All I have to say is it was a great game and a great day with both MSU winning and U-of-M losing.