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Blending Goldfish is not a Crime....

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Here is an interesting story, the Danish artist Marco Evaristti, who was apparently trying to test visitors' sense of right and wrong set up blenders with goldfish and told the visitors that if they wanted to turn on the blenders they could. One visitor did and killed two fish.

The Gallery was find for animal cruelty but a court overturned the decision. Judge Preben Bagger stated that the fish were killed "instantly" and "humanely." The court had an expert witness from the blenders' maker that said the fish had probably died within one second of the blender being switched on. A vet states that the fish would have died painlessly.

The case went to court because the gallery refused the pay the fine stating that artistic freedom was at stake. The artist wanted to "place people before a dilemma: to choose between life and death." [Source]

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