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Don't give them money!


I found this on The Zen of Steve's blog and found it interesting. It makes me wonder what I would do in this situation. I hope that I would be the person who is selfless and would would try to help a fellow person out. Sometimes I feel that we just need to step back from out daily lives and take a look around us and be willing to take that leap of faith and help someone out. Please read this story below and let me know what your thoughts are. Do you believe that this is a waste of money, or do you believe that giving the money was the write thing to do?

"On Friday, a friend of mine (from work) and I went for our usual Friday coffee run to Starbucks. About five minutes from work. We get there, she parks the car and we walk to Starbucks. On the way to the coffee house, I noticed a homeless woman about ten feet from Starbucks. She was holding a cardboard in her hands. When we got closer, I saw that the cardboard said "Hungry ... need a place to stay ... can I have your change". Well, I did not have change, so I gave the woman twenty dollars. She did not say anything but smiled. My friend and I walked into Starbucks." [Source]

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Keeds said...
March 10, 2008 at 8:14 PM  

I give because they're asking and figure it's not up to me to decide if they really need the money or they're going to buy drugs or booze with it.

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