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Games and the Art of Dying, are "gamers getting their kicks from dying?


Clive Thompson wrote an interesting article, it's called "Gamers Get Their Kicks From Dying." Take a look at this passage.

As I watch my corpse crumple to the ground, sure, I feel annoyed. But my annoyance isn't as powerful as my sense of release: I can feel my whole body unwind. Indeed, I'm often so wrapped up in the game that I don't even realize how badly I'm clenched up. I may not want to die; but for the sake of my mental health, I probably need to.

How this is so true, many times I have been into a game so intensely that I don't even notice what is going on around me. When I would play World of Warcraft my whole being would be in the game. I can remember the anxiety and thrill when exploring new regions, or fighting another player. I find it amazing how games can take us through a wide array of emotions. Happiness, anger, and sadness just as a few. Games have changed the landscape of entertainment and continue to do so. I just look forward to see where this industry will lead us.

Check out the article and let me know what you think. What kind of experiences have you had? [Article]

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