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My Weekend and Lessons Learned


Isn't it always interesting how some weekend you can go with out a single event going on in your life and then others you live and learn new lessons in life. Well that was the case with this weekend. My first lesson was on Friday when I tried to mow the lawn with my new mower. So I proceeded to put the gas in the mower and start it up, but when I did the mower engine started to surge, going from the point where the engine was about to die to almost sounding like it is going to blow up. I decided to take it back to where I got it, Home Depot. The sad thing is that I couldn't find my receipt, so when I took it back they weren't going to give me my money back, but, they did and gave me my money back. So Saturday I took back the old mower and got a new one at Sears. So my first lesson was "you get what you paid for." Sadly this isn't all that happened this weekend, I came home about late on Saturday, just to get a call right after I got home hearing that my wife was being rushed to the emergency room. Apparently she was taking care of a patient and the patient got violent and kicked her in the stomach. Now if you don't know, she is about 17 weeks pregnant! So as you can imagine, I was pretty freaked out about this, rushed to the hospital only to end up waiting. When they did wait on my wife it took them five minutes to find the baby's heartbeat. It was the longest five minutes of my life. But they finally did and after four hours they released us. So today I have tried to remain as low key as possible. luckily, my wife is doing okay and the baby seems to be fine. That was my weekend, and I just glad that the weekend is over.

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