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My Weekend


Isn't it amazing how fast a weekend goes. Especially when you take a 3 day weekend. It didn't seem like I got anything I wanted done. Friday I wasn't able to do the yard work because of the rain and Saturday was definitely off limit since we were going to go to Detroit. However, Saturday ended up just being a lazy day around Lansing. I was able to go to Hawk Island and downtown Lansing to take some pictures. I also stopped by my old place of employment; it helped to remind me why I love my job so. But on to other things, Sunday ended up being my day of work. Stephanie raked out some of the flower beds while I put together a gazebo in our backyard that my parents gave me. So even though the weekend did go as planned, I at least I was able to spend some time with my wife which is increasingly becoming rare, she was so patient with me while I was taking pictures, she gets so bored when I do that. But it was a great weekend with the weather even greater. Take a look at some of my pictures and let me know what you think.

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