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Iron Man


Well the weekend finally has come. The release of Iron Man! I have to say that this movie was awesome, the 2 hour movie seemed to just fly by. The cast was great, Robert Downy Jr. play an excellent Tony Stark, and Jeff Bridges did an awesome job as Obediah. They kept the story moving quickly with Stark making the 3 suits. I will say this I would love to have the computer that Stark does, seeing him move ideas around the screen was awesome. But I will say this, it was great to see Stark go from irresponsible playboy into this superhero was great. On a another note John Favreau did an excellent job directing this movie, to me it just didn't seem like a comic book movie, I am looking forward to seeing more movies directed by John. So I do suggest seeing this movie. If you do go you need to stay through the end of the credits, you will get a chance to see Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. The only complaint that I had was the final fight was a bit short, I thought that they could have drawn it out just a bit more, but I would suggest this movie to anybody. I would venture to say that this movie is probably going to be one of the best of this summer.

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