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Lessions Learned - Don't Try to Sell a Baby on Craigslist!

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Well this one is pretty funny. A couple from Vancouver were arrested Tuesday for apparently trying to sell a seven day old baby girl on craigslist for C$10,000. The police, who were alerted by a woman who found the ad, used the number that was listed in the advertisement to track down the 23 year old mother and 26 year old father. The Couple told police that it was just a hoax, but where arrested for public mischief. Since the parents arrest the child has been put into the care of social workers. [Source]

Wow...what can I say...I guess if you can't afford the child then you shouldn't be doing the naughty thing. But if this truly was a hoax...I feel bad for them, I guess next time they will learn not to put something like this on the internet. So lesson for today...don't try to sell you baby on craigslist.

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