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Walk Hard


Well I finally had a chance to see "Walk Hard: The Dewy Cox Story." I have to say that I wasn't going into the movie expecting much, but I found that it was a great movie. Many of the songs were really good along with being pretty funny. I've always been a fan of John C. Reilly, I can remember seeing him in Chicago with Renee Zellweger, and in Taladega with Will Farrell. The interesting thing is that John can actually sing and is a pretty good singer. For those of you who haven't seen or heard anything about this movie, it a parody of all the music biography movies that have been out lately [i.e. Walk the Line and Ray]. Another plus was Jenna Fischer from the Office was in the movie. Now there were a few slow parts in the movie, but it did keep pace and the music really did pull you through it. The only complaint that I did have was it seemed like the movie was made for Will Farrell, a lot of the one liners that they came up with sometimes didn't fit with John Reilly acting, but all in all it was a good movie and I do suggest this. If not for the comedy the music will make you laugh.

Walk Hard:

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