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Evil Underwear!

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Sometimes you read things that just make you wonder if they are truly real. In this case i had to laugh. A woman is suing Victoria's Secret for faulty underwear. Apparently the thong she was attempting to put on viciously attacked her and cut her eye...nasty fight...Here is the story thanks to the guys at Dave an Thomas.

"Los Angeles, CA - Macrida Patterson is hurting and she's suing. The Traffic Officer with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation is suing the Victoria's Secret lingerie people for injuries suffered when her thong malfunctioned. According to the plaintiff, she was putting on her thong underwear, when a decorative metallic piece on the underwear flew off and hit her in the eye. Patterson sustained an abrasion on her cornea, and she's dealing with pain and suffering. Her lawyer calls it a "design problem." The lawyer also refused to produce said underwear for the court and for Victoria's Secret. No word on the exact monetary amount Patterson is seeking. [Source]"

So is it just me or are we sue happy...? Part of me thinks that this is ridiculous and part of me thinks she has a legitimate claim...any way who wants to have metallic decoration on their underwear...Thing that I'm trying to figure out is how did it fly off and hit her in the eye...

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