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Video Games


I am always amazed at how video games have progressed. To see were they began to were we are now. One such game called Heavenly Sword a PS3 game that is just a great game all around, is one such game that amazes me. I love to see how they now have added in plot into games and the realism that is displayed in most games is breath taking. Below is some are from the game.
Now the game has a pretty good plot. You play Nariko a female protagonist who is trying to save her clan from destruction from some bad guys. Nariko who is entrusted with the Heavenly Sword [a sword that was crafted in heaven for an angel] uses the sword to help save her clan. This game is pretty much a button mashing game with a few obstacles\puzzles that you have to solve. The game is great and I had a fun time playing it.

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