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New Camera!

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So I got a couple of new cameras about two weeks ago and I finally got a chance to have the pictures developed, yes I know, I said developed. These "new" cameras are actually some pretty old camera one is a Kodak Vigilant Junior that was in WW2 and the other is a Kodak Duaflex 2. I would have to say the Vigilant is my favorite because of the looks and feel of it, though the pictures I took with it were not as good as the Duaflex. But it was a great experience taking pictures with film. This day in age we have gotten use to digital, with it's instant gratification of seeing the photo right after it is taken. With film you have to think about your shot and really have to think of composition. Below are a few of the photos that I took with these cameras.
The photo above was taken with the Duaflex 2 and the shot came out pretty nice.
This shot was taken with the Vigilant, and as you can see there is a little blurring on the out side edges. It was a fun experence to shoot with these old cameras and only solidified my wanting to shoot more with these. The only downside would be the fact that they take film, and film needs to be developed, and with that it takes money. Plus the fact that I don't have a way to digitize the negatives so I have to rely on the prints. But with all that to the side it was still a lot of fun to shoot with these. You wouldn't believe the looks that you get when you are using an old folder syle camea. So in this day and age of digital everything, its nice to; every once and a while, to just step back in time and use these cameras.

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