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Recently my wife and I bought a new devotional book that we could read as a family. One such devotion was called "What will spill out of you?" Joking with my wife I told her that I am able to control myself, and how wrong was I. God today showed me that I am no were near where I need to be. The devotional asked a question...

What comes spilling out when I'm frustrated, made fun of, inconvenienced, or hurt? Is my natural response to be angry or defensive? Or am I find tht I can respond with joy, selflessness patience, and kindness? (source)
At work I found myself many times being inconvenienced and frustrated and instead of responding with patience and kindness, I found myself lashing out with impatience and becoming angry. It is funny to see how God sometimes just shows you your fault, as they say pride goes before the fall. Just goes to show that I need to pray for more humility.

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