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14 Year Old Flushes Baby...

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A 14 year old who gave birth to a baby boy in the bathroom of her junior high school decided to flush the baby down the toilet. Baytown police Lt. Eric Freed said the baby boy was probably full term and cried once before his mother tried to flush him down the toilet. An autopsy confirmed the infant was alive. The mother, an eighth-grader at Cedar Bayou Junior High, was taken to a hospital Wednesday. Authorities have not announced what, if any, charges the girl will face. Killing an infant is a capital crime in Texas, but 14-year-olds are too young to be eligible for the death penalty, said Geoffrey Corn, an assistant professor at South Texas College of Law. [Source]

How scary is this, the 14 year old girl decides that she doesn't want the baby and flushes it down the toilet. Come on its not like it's a fish...what the hell was this girl thinking...it will all just go away just because I flush it down? Seriously how did the parents not know about this...or did they? It's not like someone can hide that they are pregnant easily. I for one think that this girl needs to be tried as an adult, if she is adult enough to have sex and get pregnant, then she should be adult enough to get tried as one. Let me know what you think.

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