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Eight Teens Arrested for Beating a Fellow Student


Well this seems to be gaining steam in the press. It quite sad to see this happen. Take a look at the video.

Victoria Lindsay was attacked on March 30 by six teenage girls when she arrived at a friend's home, authorities said. One of the girls struck the 16-year-old victim on the head several times and then slammed her head into a wall, knocking her unconscious, according to an arrest report. Later, according to a clip of the video that was released by the Polk County sheriff's office, the teens can be seen blocking a door and hitting Victoria. "It's absolutely an animalistic attack," Sheriff Grady Judd said Tuesday on NBC's "Today." "They lured her into the home for express purpose of filming the attack and posting it on the Internet." All eight suspects were arrested April 2 and charged with battery and false imprisonment. The three teens who took Lindsay to the second location are also charged with felony kidnapping. Lindsay was treated for a concussion, damage to her left eye and left ear, and numerous bruises, police said. [Source]

This is disturbing, why do people feel the need to do this kind of stuff. These teenagers need to be tried as adults. What they have done is as the sheriff said "animalistic." I just don't get why someone would have that much hate in themselves that they could do this to another individual. What do you think? Should these teens be tried as adults?

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