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Michigan Roads!


I was on my way home today trying to think of a topic to write about, something that would be half way interesting, especially since news has been kind of slow lately. Well as I was thinking about what to write about my car hit on of those huge potholes that you fin on Mt. Hope, as I about jarred my car to pieces and realized that I'm probably going to need a front end alignment, it go me thinking about how the roads are in Lansing, let alone the rest of the state. I venture down Mt. Hope everyday to get to work and I have found myself veering and serving to miss the endless obstacle of all the potholes. It is sad how bad the state of the roads have gotten in Lansing. Which apparently I'm not the only one. It seems that the City has allocated 3 million to repair the roads, but 3 million isn't going as far as it use to...inflation sucks! Asphalt is used to patch these monstrous potholes, but asphalt is a petroleum product which means as gas goes up so does the cost of asphalt. It's really getting sad to see how much is tied to oil and gas anymore. But at least we should start seeing some relief from the potholes. [Source]

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