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Long Week...


Well I know that I told everybody that I was going to be posting more but I have been extremely busy the past couple of days. Now as there hasn't been anything to interesting online or in my life I have neglected to post anything. The only interesting thing that happened to me was yesterday when I went to McDonalds. Now I don't know if you saw the advertisements for MCD's but they were giving out free Chicken sandwiches if you bought a drink. I was really excited about this, so I went in and told them that I wanted my free chicken sandwich, but they said that the owner of that store wad decided not to participate in the free chicken sandwich...So it made me kind of angry, all I wanted was my free chicken sandwich, got my hopes up and then I was denied. Other then that I have just been working on my photography and in photoshop. I will have some pictures posted here soon. I'm just glad that my week is finally coming to an end. I will be out this weekend at my sister graduation, so it looks like the weekend will be a busy one. Also I am officially on count down to finding out what my wife and I are having. Next Thursday, a little less then a week, we will know what the sex of the baby is, so this is a very exciting time.

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