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Sleep Deprivation...


Now I know we all have had this issue when we just can't sleep. Lately I have been having issues with it myself. I find myself wide awake during the late hours of the night...[for some reason I tend to work on my different projects from 10:00 onward...] I know that when I try to go to sleep my head is spinning with a million things that either I need to get done or ideas that I get. 37 signals had a post about sleep deprivation, and I found it to be interesting. Here is a little from them...

* Stubbornness: When I’m really tired, it always seems easier to plow down whatever bad path I happen to be on instead of reconsidering the route. The finish line is a constant mirage and I’ll be walking in the desert for much longer than was ever a good idea.
* Lack of creativity: What separates programmers who are 10x more effective than the norm is not that they write 10x as many lines of code. It’s that they use their creativity to solve the problem with 1/10th of the effort. The creativity to come up with those 1/10th solutions drops drastically when I’m tired.
* Diminished morale: When my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders, it loves to feed on less demanding tasks. Like reading my RSS feeds for the 5th time today or reading yet another article about stuff that doesn’t matter. My motivation to attack the problems of real importance is not nearly up to par.
* Irritability: If you encounter someone who’s acting like an ass, there’s a good chance they’re suffering from sleep deprivation. Your ability to remain patient and tolerant is severely impacted when you’re tired. I know I’m at my worst when sleep deprived.

I know when I am lacking in my sleep, I find it much harder to function, especially the lack of creativity, and if you asked my wife she would say that if I don't get enough sleep that I am a bear to deal with. I know that we all go through this, but what are some remades that you use to help you with this? I sometimes try to read a book or put some soothing music on...so I guess the moral to this whole thing for me is, to try to get to bed at a decent time...

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