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Urban Exploration - Lansing Car Assembly

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Lansing Car Assembly was a General Motors automobile factory in Lansing, Michigan. It contained two elements, a 1901 automobile plant and the 1920 Durant Motors factory. The Lansing plant was the longest-operating automobile factory in the United States when it closed on May 6, 2005. A new plant at nearby Delta Township, Michigan will start production in 2006. Lansing Assembly began in 1901 when Ransom E. Olds moved his Olds Motor Works [pictured above] to the city. He set up his plant on the site of the fairgrounds next to the Grand River. The Durant plant on Verlinden Avenue opened in 1920. After the demise of Durant, it remained closed until GM purchased it in 1935. It restarted production for GM's Fisher Body division, later becoming the Buick-Oldsmobile-Cadillac factory. Lansing Car produced the Chevrolet Malibu/Chevrolet Classic. It also built the Pontiac Grand Am, which was the final vehicle built there. All Lansing Car products used the VIN code, "M"[Source]
Wow, this is a sad sight to see, I remember drive by this plant every morning on my way to school and work. I also had a family member who worked there. It was a great piece of Lansing history and its sad to see it gone, but it does mean progress to that is a good thing. You can check out the rest of the pictures here.
Amazing to see the inside of this place, to bad it fate was to be demolished.

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