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Well it's been another weekend and I find myself wanting just another day off. As usual both Steph and I set out to get some stuff done this weekend, yet we ended up just playing catch up on our sleep. We did get most of our storage unit cleaned out in hopes to reduce some of our bills that we no longer need because of the house. Now the main reason we had a storage unit was we were trying to shoe horn out lives together in a 800sq/ft apartment when we first got married. Once we moved into our house we kept telling ourselves that we needed to get the stuff from the unit so that we could reduce our bills, yet the unit being about 20 minutes away we never made it priority. So this weekend it was my personal goal to get this done. Now hindsight is 20/20, and I ended up working on it in the rain, but I was able to almost get everything out of the unit. Other then that I was able to work on some photography. I have been taking my camera with me almost wherever I go. Friday I was able to get some pictures in at my parents house. I was particularly trying to get some of the birds at their house, but them seemed to be just a too fast for me. Sunday I spent sometime at the in-laws and I was able to get a few pictures there of Joy their sheep. I also took a picture of my mother-in-law katana, but I really wasn't able to compose a nice photo from it. I will have to keep thinking about how to get a great picture of this sword.This is the bird that I was trying to get a picture of, but it just didn't want to hold still. All in all the picture I thought was pretty good. I like the look of the fence, and how it rolls with the land.
This is Joy, she is very friendly, and love honey buns. When I first started dating Stephanie, this sheep scared the sheet out of me (a story for later).
Now I was able to rework the photo-shopped photos that I was working on. I think these look so much better and have more character then the others. So thank you to Dan for you guidance with this. I call the above photo hidden love, and I have the page from 1 Corinthians 13. The below picture is of a German Hymnal from 1876.
But all in all it was a busy weekend and I am not ready to go back to work, but its just one of those things. Sorry that I haven't been updating as much, haven't found to much out there that has been interesting, but I promise that I will start trying to post more. I hope that you all had a great weekend.

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