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College Traditions...?

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Well, not sure where to start with this one. A student from Cambridge University was arrested for attacking another student during a...get this...."jelly wrestling"...yes I said it, jelly wrestling....match. Here is a quick blurb from the article.

"Cambridge classics student Nadia Witkowski(to the right/and below in the white bikini) didn't quite manage to get a grip of the jelly wrestling competition rules at an end-of-exams celebration. The 23-year-old graduate wore the requisite bikini, jumped into the pool and gave quite a good account of herself in the grappling department, easily overcoming her rather more svelte opponent. But when the crowd decided the shapely blonde was the winner anyway, Miss Witkowski lost her temper. Still covered in red jelly, she stalked away to the sound of the students' booing and punched a female spectator, leaving her with a bloody nose. Then she grabbed a bottle of Lambrini and made for the exit, where she was stopped by two burly bouncers. When they tried to confiscate the bottle, she punched one and butted the other, forcing them to call the police." [Source]

Now I can't help but shake my head and laugh at the same time, you would think that a 23-year-old student would not being one to do this, but I guess I have to much in people. But I do believe she should get some time for this one. Just because you lost doesn't mean you should be able to just beat the crap out of the spectators. I just think this is wrong for such a prestigious University, I guess I would just expect more from the students...but then again, I have seen some crazy things living near MSU.

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