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Home-ownership...is not fun!


Well I haven't had time to post the past couple of days. When I woke up Monday I decided to take a shower and found that I had not hot water. I went and took a look at my water heater and found that the burner light was out and that there was water underneath the tank. So my father-in-law came out and took a look at it and re-lit the pilot light and said it should be fine. So I woke up Tuesday and went to take another shower and found that the water was cold again...So we call my father-in-law again and he told us that it looks like we need to replace it. So that's what I did yesterday, installed a water heater. Luckily my father-in-law was there to help me. But we got everything hooked and its not working. I never realized that I could have hotter water than what we had before...it so nice! Other then that I have a few things I will try to post a few things today. Especially since I saw Wicked last night.

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