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Just a Few Things

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So just a few things before I go to bed. I couple of days ago I posted something about the new Terminator Movie that is coming out with Christian Bale as John Connor. Well it looks like that have a few production photos that they have posted online. Take a look at this one.
This movie looks like it going to be good. With Bale, I'm sure that it will be good. Although I have heard that this movie will not be focusing on John Connor as much, so it should be interesting to see where they take this one. As long as its better then the third one, don't get me wrong I like the third one, it just wasn't as good as one and two.

Now on to other things, I was snooping around the internet and found a trailer for the new season of NBC Heroes. With the writers strike last season Heroes was cut short and they left it that way, but it looks like they will be coming back strong with the new season. I am looking forward to seeing the new episode. Rumors are that the first show back will be 3 hours long, now I'm not sure how and if they will do that, but it would be interesting. Any ways, check the trailer for it below and let me know what you think.

Also one last thing, if you haven't had a chance to check out Dr. Horrible you might want to do it before tomorrow, as they will be pulling down the free episodes and starting to charge for it. I have to say it is well worth going and taking a look. All the actors do a great job especially NPH. The only complaint that I have is that it leaves you hanging a bit at the end. Though I have heard that there will be a sequel. None the less you should check it out.

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