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Teachers are at it again!

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Well it looks like teachers and sexual misconduct doesn't just happen in Florida. This one hits close to home. Carrie Alice Denbow [pictured left] a 32-year-old staff member at Lansing's Hill Center is accused of having sex with a male student. The student in question was 13-15 years old at the time of the incident. Denbow who is a student assistance provider helps students with anything from problems in the classroom to problems at home. The felony charges involve allegations of sexual intercourse and oral sex. The misdemeanor assault charge stems from a reported December 2007 assault and battery. [Source]

Wow...you sometimes think that your community is immune to stuff like this, but it does happen. If she is guilty makes me wonder who the community will react...even if she isn't they are still going to react to this. Well I will be interested in see how this will play out.

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