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Working with the Camera


So as I mentioned earlier we are having a photo contest at my work and right after we announced the contest one of my co-worker who is an excellent photographer brought in a picture that he on the fly took. We all were thinking it was his way of throwing the knife into the ring. So since then I have been trying mimic his pictures to see if I can get the same effect. I haven't been able to yet, but I have taken some really great pictures. I will say this, I do miss the macro ability on my point and shoot camera. I hopefully will be able to add a macro lens to my camera soon...well probably not soon since they are so expensive, but I hope to have one soon or later. But I did lean that I can get closer pictures with my 18-55mm lens rather than the 55-200mm lens. Below I have put a few of the pictures that I have taken this weekend. I hope to do another photo walk soon. I would like to start getting more urban photography soon.

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